Should I do this?

We know you’re probably feeling skeptical about this.  But the truth is, we’re simply trying to get these great products in homes like yours.  We hope you love them, tell your family and friends about them, and maybe even leave a great review.  But none of that is required.

The only “catch” is that there is a limited quantity available.  In other words, if you don’t get in quick enough, we might run out.  When we email you, please act quickly.

Because we have amazing friends on Amazon, that’s how!

You may not realize this, but there are lots of sellers like us.  They are small, family-owned businesses selling premium products, primarily on Amazon.  But instead of spending big money on advertising like the big sellers do, we simply give some away at very low prices.  Because the product is good, we know we’ll get more sales, feedback, and word of mouth.  We hope you understand and enjoy the opportunity.


At least, not yet.

These prices are pretty fantastic, so we may charge something in the future to new members that join.  But for now, if you act fast, there will be no fee to you…  ever.

Nope!  Don’t get us wrong, we love reviews and feedback.  It’s encouraged.  But not required.  Our sellers appreciate that you are trying their product and hope you love it and tell others.  But we’ll never penalize you or limit your membership because you did not leave a review.  We think that’s rude.

On Amazon, taxes are determined by state.  But our coupons lower your price so much, it will hardly cost anything.  For shipping, if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get two-day shipping for free!  By the way, if you don’t have Amazon Prime, you probably should.  But you can still get our great discounts.  You’ll just have to pay a small amount to get them to you.

Nothing.  We’ll just email you coupons.  That’s it.

Look, we hate spam too.  Don’t worry.  We won’t do anything stupid with your email address.  We appreciate your trust in us and would not ruin that.

When you enter and confirm your email, you’ll immediately get a link to a page that offers a coupon code for your first product.  Follow the instructions and get your product on Amazon at a discount.

Then, you’ll keep getting more.  At first, you may get one per day for a few days depending on our current offer.  After that, you’ll get a coupon once per week on Sunday evenings.

Unfortunately, the amount of coupon codes is a limited quantity.  So, you’ll need to act fast to get one.  So when you get an email from us, don’t ignore it.  Act quickly, or you might miss out.

That does happen.  So, if you are ever sent to a page that has run out of coupons, you’ll always be given an opportunity to leave your email address so that we can inform you the next time that product is available at a huge discount.

You are only allowed one coupon code per family (IP address) and it can only be used once per Amazon account.  In other words, you get one opportunity every time we release a coupon.

AZ Prize Club is owned by Rhino Goods Inc.  We create and sell brands on Amazon such as Clean Healthy Living.  However, the products on this site may also be from our friends and colleagues as they want visitors to enjoy their products as well.  By the way, we also sell outside of Amazon on our own sites, such as Rhino Goods Athletics.

Not at all.  We love Amazon.  (You probably do too, right?!?)  Our brands do sell on Amazon.  But the AZ Prize Club is not associated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by Amazon or in any way.  We simply have friends that sell on Amazon and are willing to let us give away great discount codes.